Weeellllll   this is my second attempt at blogging 🙂   the first was at blogger.com , which obvsly didnt work out . So here iam . . . My reasons to “Blog” still remain the same  . . . .

I found it very annoying to explain to every1 of my old frnds what was going on in my life over and over to each and every person i called . . so heres a solution  😀 , next time someone asks me “Whats going on man??”  i will reply with a hearty “Why dont u read the Blog ??”  smart huh ??

And the most important . . . . . . . . .  My parents  . .

needed a way for them to see whts going on . . here it is .  .

.Love u sooo much Mom and Dad  . .

i get to use the net only once in a while so its really unpredictable how often i can make new Posts .  Chk every week though . .

Tht abt wraps the introduction and MY FIRST POST ON MY SECOND BLOG !!!