(My home in Ras al Kaimah)
Its a dull and cloudy day , the house remains empty except for the many people gathered . The mood is not very different from the weather either . I see all my friends from school , plus a very good looking girl(dressed in blue jeans and a blue/violet salwar top{not sure} ,Burgundy highlightes on black/brown hair ) . Everyone seems to be in some kind of discussion , im no where to be seen . Suddenly i emerge from somewhere within the house and take the girl by hand and walk out .Everyone as though this was the sign they were waiting for , follow behind me. Then i see my dad waiting outside the house in his Yellow Toyota Corolla . The girl gets in the front while i get in the back seat . We drive away from the house never looking back (theres a smile on all our faces, contentment). Near my home in R.A.K theres this 3Km strech of straight road with no speed breakers or signals . The yellow Corolla enters this road and we see a herd of wild rams blocking the way . Suddenly im following the Yellow Corolla in an Avenger(a Cruiser bike). The rams block the road and start charging at me , i get scared and im suddenly back in the car . The Rams disappear and theres a flash of light , I find my dad unconscious in his seat , me and the girl bend over him and try to shake him awake (our car is parked right in the middle of the road , but the road is empty except for our car) . The girl screams and points to the back of the car , i look out to the back window and see a huge angry Bull , ready to charge right at us (abt 100mtrs away) . It charges , theres fear in the girls eyes but she makes no movement or sound . . . .silence . . .

—– END —–

Its Night .On a busy road in R.A.K , Im all dressed up for something ive been waiting for . Im waiting on the side of the road for someone , constantly taking a glance at my watch and phone .The call i was waiting for never comes , thinking i’ll be late , with determination i call a taxi and get in . As im travelling it strikes me that im going toward Dubai (Dubai is abt 200kms from Ras Al Khaimah{though they are in the same country}) . I call up the person i was waiting for . Its Nitin (good friends from school). He talks in a dissapointed tone and tells me

Nitin-“Im Sorry i cant come”

Me-“What ?? I thought u were in the taxi behind mine” “i dont have any money man . i was counting on you”{sad,worried,angry}

I realise i had already reached Dubai while i was on the phone . I pay the Taxi with all thats left in my purse and walk away from the taxi feeling lonely and dejected . I realise i still have a bit of credit in my phone , so i call up Jinesh (Another good friend from school).

Me-“Dude i dont have any money and im lost in Dubai”

Jinesh- “I dont know what to say , Ask someone”

Me-“You know i cant ask anyone”{a bit annoyed at the suggestion}

Jinesh-“Then i dont know how i can help you”{concerned}

Im in a corridor of some apartment , many rooms with a common balcony{flower pots on the wall opposite the doors at regular intervals} . I find a Nokia N70{Black , Music edition} next to one of the flower pots . I pick it up and find that it belongs to a girl from the name on the standby screen{Name starts with I, not sure??} . i tell Jinesh of this lucky find .

Me – “i just found an N70 here, no ones around , what do i do? ”

Jinesh – “Take it and Sell it to some shop there and use the money to get back”

Me-“i cant do that !! Its a girl’s”

Jinesh – “I cant help you then”

I hear a girl(shes wearing a Flowy violet evening gown , about the same age as me , bushy hair, not soo attractive ,looks very rich) , exclaim aloud

Girl -“Its mine !!”
She runs towards me all happy

Me- “Wow!! i found it here , i was waiting for someone to come”{equally excited and happy}

The girl takes the N70 out of my hand , while a strange “thing” comes over me and with confidence i didnt know i had take hold of her wrist and ask her

Me-“Wont you give me your number atleast??”

The girl obviously offended at this wierd request first trys to refuse , then after i’ve told her about what happened to me ,tells me .

Girl – “Heres my Number ,My dad owns a nightclub here , why dont you talk to him? ”

Me-“I’ll be more than happy to”

Girl- “Follow me”

The girl takes me to a hall in the apartment building itself , its dark and theres red light from an unknown source. The girl soon is nowhere to be seen in the empty hall . A wierd sight grabs my attention . At some dark corner of the hall theres a bathtub , theres no water in it . Theres a new Girl{White t-shirt} and a Guy in it . the only light there is from a bright yellow bulb direcly over the tub . I then Proceed to a door with “OFFICE” written on it . Its considerably less dark here . Its a big room . Plush red sofas , a coffee table and a big screen T.V {its on}.
Theres a room attached to this big room , with glass windows ,a computer can be seen inside .I sit on the Sofa and watch T.v for sometime after which i fall asleep .
Its morning , but its still dark in the Office , The door opens with a BANG waking me from sleep,and a two men enter . A Big Bulky man who seems to be the Girl’s{violet flowy dress} father and another shorter man (his Accountant) who seems scared . Both men are wearing business suits .

Girl’s dad – “Accountant give this boy 2 Lahks in Bonds”

Me-“Thanks sir”{very excited}

Accoutant(to me)- “Dont trust that man , he will cheat you , Get the bonds now itself or he might never give it to you”

After The Girl’s dad has said this he goes into the small attached office room with his accountant .I get a call from the Girl herself , she sounds all happy and tells me that she has left her dreams of being a model behind and has decided to join IIT(Indian Institute Of Technology). I congratulate her on her good decision and wish her all the best and hang up the call . I try to call up Nitin again but his mom tells me he is not at home (she sounds like she is lying). As soon as i hang up the call The girl’s Dad comes into the room again , but this time very furious , his face is red and he is holding his cell phone in one hand .

Girl’s dad- “My daughter just called and she tells me she is not doing fashion designing anymore !!! She says shes going to join the IIT !! I wanted her to become Miss World !!! she says she got inspired by you !”{screaming}

Me-“i didnt tell her anything”

Girl’s dad – “You’ll pay for this with your life”

Suddenly Vijay appears (Good friend form college) and asks me to follow him , tells me he knows the way , I get up to run after him and just reach the door when i hear the Girl’s Dad scream orders to some 4 Young Men (All agile and mascular , dressed in Hip-Hop clothing) . Me and Vijay soon leave the apartment and enter some deserted place with a lot of buildings lying in ruins , theres no road here , only rocky ground . We hide behind some broken down walls and lose the Henchmen . But we see some 6 Men come towards us (they too seem to be running from something or someone). One among the 6 is The Great Kali(wrestler on the WWE) .From marks on their arm me and vijay realise they are Heroin addicts and we soon lie down on the floor and act like we’re taking drugs . The 6 Men soon reach us and mistaking us for drug addicts sit down around us and starts injecting themselves with heroin . Me and Vijay wait for them to fall asleep and we try to sneak away , but some of them wake up and . . .(DETAILS TOO UNCLEAR AND GORY TO DESCRIBE) .Me and Vijay proceed to Kill them one by one with the help of our rescuer{an american police officer, appeared out of nowhere} . All except the Great Kali are killed , he is missing . Me and Vijay stand in a corner debating what to to next while the police officer goes to a lift and presses “down” button on an elevator . As we watch the elevator passes our floor without stopping and above the elevator we find The Great Kali with a 2mtr long steel pipe(covered in blood) . Its too late to warn the Officer , we can only watch as the Great Kali thrusts the 2mtr pipe into one of the eyes of the officer who dies instantly . He retracts the weapon and looks and Me and Vijay watching him . Theres a look of pure pleasure in his eyes . He opens the elevator door and walks towards us . Vijay dissapears and im left alone with a feeling of fear and doom knowing that theres no one coming for me . . The Great Kali takes his own time walking toward me {Paralysed and unable to move with fear} and gives a smile , his face covered in blood ,and the weapon in his hand .I close my eyes . . .

—- END —-