Dear (I don’t know what to call you anymore) ,

I didnt know how to put this across through the phone or to your face or in the least mail it , so i decided this would be best .I don’t know if you’ll ever come across this , but im writing this more for my peace of mind than anything else .

We met , we had our moments and now here we are . What saddens me now isn’t your complete lack of concern or your insensitivity or your attitude towards what was “us” , but that when u said i would want you to feel “bad” about all the things that went wrong between us . I thought after all this time you would have atleast known i would never want you to feel anything like that, thought you’d know i wasn’t that kind of a person . Oh well maybe thats why things didn’t work out , maybe we didnt get to “know” eachother like you said . Just for the last time i want this clear between us , i don’t hate you or blame you , and this ain’t some “game” im playing , im just telling you the things going through my head right now .

We didn’t hit it off i agree , but i did love you . Don’t give me a big sigh now . I know what youre thinking now . . . “this guy doesn’t even know what love is . . ” Well i think i do . .and u know what ??, i looked it up in the dictionary 🙂

Love : “A strong positive emotion of regard and affection”

See i know what love is . . . 🙂 . . . anyway . . i know thats not the reason why things didn’t work out . There must have been a million reasons, whatever it was , im sorry it didn’t work out .

I know you’ve probably put alll this behind you , but im still finding ways to let you go , maybe writing this would help , maybe it won’t, i don’t know . It still hurts to look at your pictures so i got rid of them .If i see you again nothing would please me more than to see you smiling 🙂 . i’ll still adore you though you’ll never need me . The only silver lining i see in this dark cloud is the consolation that you were never mine in the first place . . . . .

Lots of strong positive emotion of regard and affection