Its almost sunset ( all yellow-orange everywhere) , theres a beachhouse far in the middle of the ocean .
But here no waves disturb the calm and peace . The beachhouse stands sourrounded by blue waters . Though it is the ocean , its floor is tiled blue near the house and red everywhere else .
Its wierdly unnatural that the tiled ocean floor isn’t uneven either .
I stand leaning on a rail of the beachhouse looking unto land in a distance . Theres two other people sitting sharing my view behind me . I ask them

Me- “Is the stay here always free ??”

Other person 1 – “What ?? Free ? u gotta be kidding me . .We got to book in advance everytime we stay here ”

Other person 2 – “Not a lot of people come here . , the Sheiks find it difficult to anchor their yatchs at the shore and walk this far into the ocean”{She smiles}

I look away from them and into the ocean and smile , and for the first time since i’ve been there hear waves .


Theres lots and lots of relatives and cousins playing around . Everyone is familiar . Everone is happy . My Dad is seen quietly painting something on two banana leaves stuck together .
Im tired from running around and playing with cousins , so im sitting watching everything. Dad comes to me and tells me to deliver the painting to the customerand goes inside the house . As i walk to the car , cousins block my way
and tell me

Cousins – “Take your bike , it ll be done faster !! ”

Me – “But the car is safer , this painting is fragile !”

Cousins -“Better take your bike , its a smarter decision”

i decide to take the bike and so as i fix the painting behind my bike and start it up . As soon as i enter the road , the leaf on which the painting was done tears in half and flies away . Shocked i turn stop the bike and turn around .
All my relatives and cousins have dissapeared . The only person i see is my sister standing there with a dissapointed look on her face . Without a word we both start walking toward our house . This is when i realise to reach the house we have to take a perilious journey through a narrow muddy path , by the rocky shore
. I see houses on the rocky shore , theres angry waves bashing on the houses . I realise now why the inhabitants of the houses became Sea-Gods . On the shore there are many trees . I pick many Neem leaves and start chewing them .Me and my sister keep walking for some more time and finnaly take a turn to reach our house .
I spit out all the chewed leaves and wipe my mouth . I step into the house and see my dad watching T.V in the Bedroom . i step into the room and tell him what happened to the painting. He shouts at me then calms down and looks at me and says

Dad – “I could have fixed it !”{Theres extreme dissapointment in his voice}

i look down at my feet , while my dad walks away and sits down and puts on some sad music on the radio . My sister walks upto him and tells him that listening to Jesus music can help . She starts playing some worship to him and i think to my self

Me – “Here we go again !!(sigh!!)”