I walk into a big mansion, and the first thing i notice is a angelic girl wearing black full-sleeve top and skin tight black pants.
She gives me smile and i can’t help but smile back πŸ™‚ . Thats when i notice that the mansion is empty except for the two of us . I also notice it looks like an old church .
She comes to me and tells me

Angelic girl : “We have a meeting happening here tomorrow , you should come” (smiling)
Me : “Yeah? , i wouldn’t miss it for anything” (smiling πŸ™‚

The next day during the meeting i realise i can fly around in that house , (somehow it seems like its no big deal in the dream) . After the meeting the same girl(still smiling) comes to me and asks

Angelic girl : “You like the house?”
Me : “I love it !! where else can i fly around ? πŸ™‚ ”
Angelic girl : “i knew you’d love it , thats why i asked you to come , i have another surprise for you”(BIG smile)
Me : “Whats that ?”(BiGGER smile)
Angelic girl : “I bought the house for you πŸ™‚ ”

Im speechless and can’t even begin to think what to say to her , i just wanted to throw my arms around her and give her the tightest embrace ever !!
She smiles again and runs away out of the mansion leaving me standing alone staring at her disappearing form .


Im running as fast as i can , nothings chasing me but i keep running knowing something bad is about to happen .Im running
beside a very crowded beach . Everyone i see is angry about something.I only glance at their angry faces i run past .
Next thing i know flying saucers pop out of nowhere and land all around the place and aliens start killing all the people in sight . (I can’t remember what the aliens looked like).
someone yells “EXTERMINATION !!” . i still keep running never looking back . I realise the aliens are killing all the people because they don’t want any humans alive .
They keep killing everyone until im the last man on earth . I realise they left me alone only because i wasn’t human :-O !!(im genuinely surprised at this discovery in the dream).

I retreat into a cave and make it my new home.As the years pass by i start feeling extremely lonely and scared , especially at nights when i know that the aliens are watching my every move from afar .
I live in a cave and have grown quite a long beard .Years pass by quickly , The new ice age has begun . Ive forgotten how to talk . Everyday theres a Blizzard outside and one such day i go outside my cave to have a look(Its been long since i came out).
Theres snow as far as my eyes can see . I walk back into my cave all the time feeling that someone was watching me , and realise that , that feeling will never go away nor will the aliens stop watching me till ive breathed my last