Right from when I was born I was always mesmerized by the Telly my Mom tells me. She says I would stare without blinking at the T.V for hours at a stretch and not respond if called upon, so naturally I grew up watching a lot of TV and Movies. I’ve watched millions of movies and quite a few have stayed with me after all this while. One such movie was ‘Die Hard’, “the movie that commercially launched Bruce Willis”, “the movie that redefined the action genre” blah blah blah . . . .!!

To me the franchise meant nothing more than a great set of action movies until recently. I sat down one day and watched all the four movies in the Die Hard franchise. It was then that I had a “realization of great truth” or an “Epiphany” if u may .Well I don’t know how many of you have the movie through the eyes of the Lead character, in this case John McClain. If you did, then you would share my sadness for how John’s life turns out. I’ll get to my point after a brief note about what happens in each of the four movies.
Heres all the four movies in a nutshell

Die Hard (1) – John is an NY cop in L.A to see his wife and two kids for Christmas. Wife and he are separated, but still love each other. Relationship is under a lot of stress. Wife has a great career at the Nakatomi Corporation. The Nakatomi building gets taken hostage by German terrorists/robbers. John risks his life and ends up saving his wife and the hostages and manages to kill all the German terrorists/robbers in the process. Goes home with the happy wife

Die Hard 2- John is in DC at Christmas Eve at Dallas airport to pick his wife who is on her way back (Still working for Nakatomi). John has shifted from NY to L.A and now lives with his family. A much happier man than before. An arrested General charged with Drug Trafficking is on his way to Dallas in a plane to be tried in a US court. John McClain alert as he is spots trouble at the airport and uncovers a plot by the fallen general’s army to spring him free. John chooses to part of the mess because his wife’s plane is in danger. He risks his life again , gets shot at , grenades thrown at him , ejected from a parked airplane , jumps in front of a landing plane , jumps on a 747 about to take off , drives a snow mobile which later on catches fire with him on it , the list goes on and on . In the end his wife’s plane lands safely and he personally receives her at the runway. Kiss and goes home a happy man . . . again

Die hard with a Vengeance (3)-John is back as an NY cop, with a drinking problem. He is separated from his family. His life is a mess but he is still one hell of a cop The Germans are back!! He gets pulled into an elaborate plan of deception and lies all to buy time for the Germans to steal gold from the Federal Reserve. The German’s leader turns out to be the brother of the terrorist/robber of the first movie and this time John has a friend (Whew thank god for that) to help him, Samuel L Jackson. Both of them successfully kill the villain , getting shot at , sitting on a ton of liquid explosives , driving like mad men through New York , jumping onto moving trains , getting thrown off an exploding train , getting thrown off an exploding ship !! , almost getting killed by an exploding helicopter and as before the list goes on .As the movie ends he earns a better realization about his life and calls up his wife to say sorry , hopefully he got back together with his family.
Die Hard 4.0 – John McClain is old, unhappy and if that wasn’t enough he is divorced. His daughter has grown up to be much like her mother, dislikes her dad. John is a senior Detective now. He is asked to do the Feds a favor and escort a Hacker, Matt Farrell to DC. All hell breaks loose at Matt’s house when terrorists almost blow up Matt’s house trying to kill him. John saves Matt and then drives up to DC only to find out that the capital is virtually under attack .John and Matt uncover the plot and find out the guy who is responsible. Things turn personal and the villain takes Lucy McClain, John’s daughter as hostage. John in the end kills the villain getting shot at , driving a Semi Truck which later gets blown apart by a Missile from a fighter plane , getting his pension plan erased by the villain , almost getting killed in a gas explosion , flying a helicopter , and the overall stress of his daughter being held hostage. John earns Lucy’s respect, and Matt earns himself a girl .Ata boy!!!

Who the hell would go through all that and still be alive?? The things that guy had to go through is living hell itself! And did great Uncle Sam honor him with a Medal?? I would say the guy deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor itself! He saved countless lives, never left a man behind and always got the job done no matter what the situation was! He should have been given 10 million dollars and an island to spend the rest of his life happily ever after (away from the zee Germans!!). John McClain so deserves the Medal!! He didn’t even do it for himself; he did it to save his wife, his daughter, his city, his country. That’s what being a good cop all is about! That’s what a being a true citizen is all about. And he is!! The Best cop ever I’ve seen in Hollywood! I think every Police Station in every movie made in Hollywood should have John McClain’s picture framed and hung in some important place, that all “movie cops” would look up to him as the best cop there ever was and there ever will be.

And as for the guys who wrote the scripts for all the four movies I think they should be hanged till death or given the electric chair or better yet be made to drive a Semi truck which should later be blown up by a missile from a fighter plane for what they had John to go through in his “life”!