It is when you are sitting in front of the screen , with only your aging Computer’s cooling fan and the birds outside making any noise and no internet to distract you from what you’re doing, that you realize who you are , and what you can do. Whoever said that Bungee jumping was the ultimate rush was a pussy , because it takes balls to actually write something and and put it out there and hope it makes sense to someone and not get the usual “What was that?” in reply.

It is a rush to sit and type and backspace and type and backspace and finally a few hours later start over then finally realize what you wrote is perfection itself. And you feel good about yourself , as would any adrenaline junkie would tell you after a great run. It feels good when someone drops by and lets you know you did a great job . Its all the same .I guess its all in the “doing” ? Hoping and praying what you are doing has meaning, hoping you have a purpose to fulfill and that someone’s life will get better after reading.

I think life is tough for a writer, finding your inner voice, that little guy who ll narrate when you type , finding what to write on , finding a comfortable writing style and balancing all this with the other things in life. So screw you Skydivers, Deep divers, Stunt drivers and Drift kings , This is my rush right here ! And im hooked as any of you are. So if any of you reading this, write, then don’t let anyone tell you different. We are a class apart , we were born to rule , the world runs on what it reads and guess who writes them ?