So lately ive been trying to write. Okaaay… you got me, ive been “trying” for a few years now. And after a short burst of creativity once in a while, nothing comes out for a very long time till i loose interest and then call it quits (only to “try” again in a few months) but the important part is that i “try”. So maybe i have to try harder? More often? But what do i write about?

I read a book yesterday about “Finding your voice” for writers. Funny thing is i bought that book more than six years ago and never really sat down and read it cover to cover. And just when i decide to read it, the first page i open is “Finding your voice”. The book said, “Whatever you write, what you want to say comes through”. So that confirms it! You just have to keep writing, taking inspiration from around you, writing your mind out, knowing someone out there would see in their “mind’s eye” what you’re trying to show them. If you have a calling for writing, you have a responsibility to write, and keep writing till what you wanted to say comes through.

So let me know in the comments section, What do you write about ?

When do you feel inspired to write?