I saw “The Man” today, in the bus, asked me where my ticket was. Saw him again at work, saw him a couple of times there actually, asked me why I was late. Then later asked me why I was leaving early. Funny I kept running into him all day long everywhere I went. I was almost starting to think he was following me around. Now that got me worried. Maybe “The Man” was after me? Maybe I was a threat to him and his “kingdom” ? So I tried to run (drive fast). And he caught up with me again and this time he asked me why I was driving fast. So running wasn’t an option. Next day at work I tried to give “The Man” a slip , walk by unnoticed. But he saw me and later gave me a call, asked me to go meet him. Told me I wasn’t doing my job ! The balls on him to say such a thing !! So I learned the “art” of “acting like getting work done”, much like I mastered the art of “acting like studying”.


Now I didn’t have to meet “The Man” for a few weeks at work, but he did show up where I lived, asked me when I was going to pay the rent. Slipping by unnoticed wasn’t as easy where I live since “The Man” sits on his throne at the reception area.


So I started noticing a pattern, was I the only person seeing “The Man” ? Was I being punished for something I did/didn’t do ? WHY WAS “The Man” FOLLWING ME !? And why in sweet Jebus’s name was “The Man” dressed as a woman sometimes ? And where did “The Man” get my number to tell me I didn’t pay the Internet bill ? Was “The Man” working for the telephone company too ?


A lot of questions… I don’t get much sleep these days, “The Man” plagues my dreams. Reminds me things he missed to tell me when I was awake. I don’t know a lot of people who speak of “The Man”. And everyone looks at them weird so its only natural I never told anyone about the whole thing. But things have gone too far ! I cant take this anymore ! Progressive Trance pumping in my headphones punching away at the keys, I give you “The Finger” “The Man” !! And tomorrow when I see you at work,  you’re going to wish you never worked in the same place as me.