2:00 AM

Someones knocking on the door. No can’t be, its late, and im dreaming. Knock Knock again ! No No wait im dreaming I can’t wake up. KNOCK KNOCK. NOOO the girl in the dream was just about to say something. ….. And I wake up. DAMNN ITT !!!

Its unnaturally dark and quiet for 2am. Then who knocked on the door? Might have been the wind, or was it all in the dream? Can’t be, it was too real. I walk up to the T.V and switch it off. And on the way back to the bed, stub my toe ! OUCH . DAMNN ITT BED !!! The moment I hit the bed , I hear someone turning the door knob, and that is not a good sound at 2:10am ! I say to myself, maybe its the wind, or maybe its all in my head. The “wind” turns the door knob a couple of time more. And I get the feeling that I won’t be seeing the girl in my dream again, at least not today.

So I try to get out of the bed, but can’t move. And I hear the “wind” has opened the door and has come inside the room. I still can’t move, im trying as hard as I can. COME ON 2 PACK ABS ! I can’t even move my neck to see what/who opened the door. Its too late I might as well go to sleep. WAITT !! WHAT IF ITS NOT THE “WIND” AND ITS SOMETHING ELSE ? What ? like a dog or something ? DOG ?? IN THE SECOND FLOOR ? Okay maybe its the weird guy from the other room. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU !?? FORGET THE GIRL IN THE DREAM ! SHE IS NOT COMING TO SEE YOU AGAIN !! Okay Okay ! I finally manage to get out of the bed and all of a sudden its fresh and bright and sunny and when I check the time its 10AM.

Whew !! all that was a dream. .he he stupid dual personality Man , I told you it was nothing. OH YEAH ? LOOK AT THE DOOR THEN . And I slowly turn my head hoping he is wrong and see the door was wide open.

And we both scream “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NIGHT” !!!