I look all around me and see successful happy people. Everywhere ! People moving on to better things, better lives, better jobs, better wives(that just rhymed haha !). Everyday someone calls me up about them going to Europe. Then another guy got a 400% raise. Someone bought a new car , someone went here , there everywhere ! did this, that and everything ! Met him, her and everyone ! Okay now im just writing a poem!


What im saying is, Is everyone really moving on ? or does it just look that way ? Is everyone really moving on or are they all thinking the same that “oh look he went and did that, i should do it too !! ” ? Is there a “Great Attractor” in our social lives ,someone who pulls us off of our couches and makes us want to do things? Or does the pull come from within ? What makes that “moment of change” come about ?


I don’t know about you, but i am externally influenced every time i make a decision ! EVERYTIME !! There is no escaping it for me. I’ve tried , haven’t got out yet. Things i say or do, buy , wear , everything was influenced by someone . I don’t know if that’s normal behaviour as i don’t hear anyone talking about it. My version of “The Great Attractor” has everything he needs, he has an awesome car, the cutest girlfriend, goes Bungee jumping on weekends and relaxes at the bar when hes not at his awesome job, which he never mentions. To the outside world he is the definition of “Perfection”.


I always wonder what goes on inside his head and what he thinks about. Who does he look upto for inspiration ? Whose footsteps does he follow in ? And whose footsteps does his inspiration follow in ? And his ? and his and so on it goes….back to the Source ! Who is the “The Great Attractor” ? Does he exist at all ? Whose photo hangs on his wall ?


I don’t know whether i ll find the answers to my questions , or if i ll ever hunt down “The Great Attractor”. Because im afraid each time I’ll find the “The Great Attractor” he ll point to another. Maybe that’s why i won’t start the quest at all, fear of failure (read laziness )…. Instead i’ll try and follow the great unknown ninjutsu master’s words “Look into your heart and you shall find the answer”.

End of Quest.