It takes a while to find the hole, but when you plug in that headphone jack , you’ve connected to Heaven. If you’ve managed to listen to your heart and close your eyes, then youre in. Welcome to the wonderland of Trance and House music ! , a place where not many know how to get to , or don’t want to at all.

Here the skies are light baby blue, hills are emerald green, and red mushrooms growing on the side are polka dotted clean white. Everything smells of fresh strawberrys and honey. Houses on the hills are made of ginger bread and cakes and biscuits grow on trees that line the forest in the valley. In the distance you can just make out the chocolate and vanilla river flowing. And theres always your favourite track playing in the back, and here God indeed is the DJ and a good one at that.

In this world that girl you like is always smiling and loves the music you listen to. You’d like nothing better than to live in one of the gingerbread houses on the hills and sit under a tree and watch with a smile as the she runs to you wearing that flowy white cotton skirt and the top you love. No one ever bothers you as you walk through the forest or sit by the river or when you eat your tomato cheese sandwich for brunch. You don’t have to go to sleep here nor do you have to go to work. And everything you want is always within reach.

Theres always a drizzle when youre feeling dry and sunlight if youre feeling gloomy and a hint of a breeze keeps the place cool all year round. Every house has cheese or candy growing in the garden with tomatoes and orange trees. Everyone eats green apples for breakfast, and drinks chilled orange juice whenever they’re thirsty. No one here has heard of worry, trouble, money or power. Neither have they heard of cars or babys. Everyone gets along because of the music and oranges, and everyone is ready to share an Oreo or two with a glass of warm milk and a lot of love.

Its everything you imagined looking at holiday postcards and so much more. And the best part is, you never have to leave if you don’t want to. So come around to say hello whenever youre done with your world, i ll be sitting by the tree as always, wishing you were here right beside me.

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