Not too long ago I remember borrowing my sister’s laptop to write a post. Willy’s Weblog hit a full 50 views the very next day! (Here) and that felt AWESOME !!

Things have been going crazy for the past few weeks. Brain juices have been flowing,  put some work out and been getting really great feedback. And so now ive decided to say a Big Thank You with all of my heart by taking this seriously !

Starting this week I’ll be putting out a post every Saturday. Plus theres a Facebook Fan Page for Willy’s Weblog (Here), which went live today ! Go Like it and get your friends to like it to show support for the cause !

Also !! Big News ! Looking at how great things are going we might all be getting to move out from the crummy little basement i.e and be posting somewhere like ! Oh yeah ” .COM “!! Thats not finalized so suggestions for site names are still open ! 🙂

So for all that,  I ll need to know what you think ! Yeah YOU !! So from here on,  let me know whatever you thought of each weeks post, however obvious it is . Lets keep this two way, I want something to read too ! Every Rate, Comment and Like goes a loooong way so keep em coming.

Another huge news ! I’ve been thinking bigger and better and have a lot of ideas about where we can go with this ! Including many wacky ones like, Narrated audio versions of posts and more saner ones like featured guest bloggers and truck loads more. Its going to a very exciting new year this time !

And for the posts to get delivered right to you theres an email subscription button , an RSS feed link and options to follow on WordPress if you have an account here. And if none of the above made any sense to you then theres always that Fan Page on Facebook which ll keep you posted ! 😀

Once again a Big Thank You to all the mouse clicks and squeaks ! Squeak Away !!

The Writer 🙂

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