Growing up i didn’t have many toys to play with. There were a few Lego sets, teddy bears and some stuffed animals. I had to pretend play and mind you there was a lot of talking to myself. So I was naturally an outdoorsy kid, I was always digging holes, making guns with wood, setting up drum sets with tin cans or chasing cats and birds off of my lawn. Sometimes when I got adventurous I would scale the wall and then climb back down or light a fire in the backyard and put it out before anyone caught me. It was all good fun.

Now all grown up (who am I kidding) I see all the things that I missed, the consoles, the guns which actually shoot, and all the other “must have toys”. So obviously I want to have a go at them. Live it up once more before I become a boring husband and father of god knows how many. But then I realise it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

You don’t have to become that boring husband/wife, the ones who never do anything new ! You see them out and about with dull faces, never smiling and always grumpy when you talk to them. Its not because they didn’t get enough love, its because they regret their life, it didn’t go the way they wanted. They always complain about what they didn’t have or what they couldn’t do. They never moved on from failures. They are the poster children of Lameness !

And that is the scariest thing to me. Not some movie about a ghost living in the attic scaring a couple at night but the couple itself ! Growing up wouldn’t be so hard now if you saw all the grown ups having fun all the time would it? Barbeque Sundays, Night out Fridays, or a vacation somewhere once in a while and laughter all around. But sadly we don’t see a lot of people doing that.

Everyone is busy living up to a standard that they’re not even sure is the right standard. Keeping up with the Joneses. Well I got news for you, The Joneses did not descend from heaven for you to follow them and even if they did, you don’t have to ! So wake up ! There are no set standards to “live up to” , there is no law that you have to be grumpy about growing up. All you have to remember is , to take things in their stride and live life one choice at a time.

So 10years from now we’ll have a  Barbecue Sunday, bring the kids, I ll have Lego and Guns for them play with. We’ ll play monopoly, Karaoke, drink a few and listen to some good music.

P.S : Tell them not to break anything, or it ll be them I ll be barbequing. 😛 !!


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