The fat-man once said, “I take a vacation every six months”. It sounded all cool and awesome in college, which was a nice long vacation ! But now stuck in traffic on the highway to becoming “The Next Millionaire / Next Big Thing”, I wonder if what he said was true after all.

I see people who have forgotten the very concept of a “vacation”. They have started referring to “Vacations” as “breaks” and other lame terms, because thats all they take nowadays. They’ve successfully traded month long vacations for shorter weekend getaways. And its not that the getaways are all “enjoy the moment” kind of kicked back relaxed trip to a quiet place, they’re more like the cram-all-you-can kinds. Some even bring along To-Do lists, and almost everyone keeps their GPS equipped smart phone on the ready, don’t want to miss that turn to “Paradise” now do we ?

Im not acting the “Critique / Sarcastic Bastard” here, Im just wondering why no one else is wondering, about long vacations, self discovery, getting lost, turning off and just tuning out! How long can we march on without ever thinking why we’re doing it in the first place ? Why do you think Hollywood is making movies about taking dream vacations ? Maybe they’re trying to tell you to go on a trip with no itinerary or maybe dream vacations only exist in movies now ! Frankly even I can’t tell which one. Between targets and expectations all you can really afford is a “break”. Hell I don’t even see people talking, let alone eating Kit Kats anymore !! They’re all into those Nutribar things with extra protein. Going to the Movies, visiting friends houses, getting drunk would all be categorized under “vacations” if the popularity vote was to be taken.

I wouldn’t know the first thing about vacations myself, all I’ve done so far is take a few short breaks and plan many long vacations which never happened. But for the past few months ive been in this weird phase at work. The kind where the Boss tribe aren’t really sure whether they should let you go or if they should promote you, so they keep you in the division while they try to find a solution to “The Problem” ! As you can imagine I really don’t give a damn, im just enjoying my nice long vacation at work.

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