“Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work”  Chuck Close

I’ve been something of an inspiration/motivation addict since after high school, maybe I thought this was the lowest point of my life, so far. I’ve read and followed tons of authors/bloggers/other seemingly “awesome” people, until yesterday on my way to work I had an epiphany.

If you ever took the time to notice, in a group of 100 people, listening to 1 motivational speaker, NO ONE is more motivated than the guy speaking. In that same spirit, of the million people following a blogger on motivation, no one is more motivated than the guy blogging about motivation. That’s not odd. The fact that most of the followers will never be as motivated as the speaker is what is most disturbing.

Another quote: Well, I don’t know…I don’t understand, why does a weaker person need to latch on a strong person? What…what is that?  Narrator (Fight Club, 1999)

I’m getting somewhere, hold on. Terms like weak/strong are subjective, as in not based on actual facts, just opinions, thus subject to different interpretations by different people. So here, the ”weaker” person attaches to the “stronger” person i.e. the motivational speaker. So who decides who is weak and who is strong? The listener/follower!

What I’m getting at it is that, it’s all in the head. But you already knew that, everyone knows that by now. It is common knowledge.

Bonus quote: Just Do It Nike (inspired by this)

That’s it, the universe’s answer to a universal question. Just go out and do it. There’s no need to wait to get inspired or wait for the right moment, there is no better moment than now. If you’re still with me, I don’t want you to get inspired or follow me, just go out and do that thing you’ve been putting off, go out and strike off that scary thing off your to-do list.

Go on now.