No, this is not going to be science fiction short story. I turn 25 today (25*365days=9125 [this is when you scream HOLY **** that was clever! {Provided you forgot about leap years}]). For the first time this birthday though, I’m not looking forward to eating cake (both literally & metaphorically).

I would have loved to start this post with

“Birds are flying low at the beach today. Been long since things have been calm enough to sip a cup and write my brains out. Looking back at the past couple of years and what I’ve accomplished this far, can’t help but feel proud…”

At 25, I had maybe expected a little too much, without putting in the effort. Forget about achievements and aims in life, I still don’t know how to swim! I have lists for everything, things to do, to learn, places to see. Just that I never got around to crossing anything off, just kept adding.

Today just feels like another one of the many many days that flew past without incident. Tyler Durden said “You decide your own level of involvement”. Living consciously, making decisions, putting tick marks and crossing out to-do lists that matter. Took me a while to learn and practice that, I’m slow and I’m proud.

I have a pencil, will power, and a long list. I’m (consciously) resetting the counter on my life today.

-New book added in Book List ’13