You absolutely cannot have a meaningful post if you don’t have the material. “No shit Sherlock” you say? I’ll be honest; this post was doomed to fail the moment I wrote the title before taking a second out to think what it was going to be about. You can go rambling on and on without getting to any particular point, but who would read such things?

I’m pretty positive I lost 50% of the readers when they realized I wasn’t a girl, the other 30 left when I said this post was doomed. And the last 20 went away right above this line, when I started talking numbers (shhh they don’t like math). This means I’m talking to myself. I’ll even go ahead and prove to myself that no one is reading, type “bing” in the comments section if anyone’s here. I dare you! Just because I’m so damn sure I’m alone I’ll even let out a secret, I shoplifted a stapler 7 years ago and I still have it. There! I lay bare naked in open water. Let the sharks loose.

But then I might be wrong and ‘Free writing’ could be therapeutic for writer’s block, and I could be in a therapy session right now, but the fact that I refuted my own argument is too much of an insult for me to take. I’ll leave now.


– 2 new books added in Book List ‘13

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