It is said, everyone is born with a few holes in their soul. And that’s where “desire” comes from, to fill in those holes with money, drugs, power, sex and other “highs” in life. And a major chunk of our short life would be spent trying to fill them.

I don’t know who said it first. I think it’s mentioned in the Bible, or maybe it was Plato or Socrates.

The lucky ones have this epiphany at 7, with that gut feeling, that no matter how much chocolate you eat, you’d still want more tomorrow. Others, like me, realize this at 25 3/4, trying to remember where they read about it first, while going through a pre-midlife-midlife crisis.

But better late than never I tell you. Think about it, what if when I’m a 60 year old, filthy rich drug lord with three wives, 5 mistresses and a pilot’s license, how depressing would it be to find out then?, that no one can ever be satisfied enough to say “enough”. Poor “successful” bastards, you don’t see that the road you’re travelling on never ends, it’s a loop…hahaha. Lucky me, I can save all that time by not trying at all. Whew.

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