“That one”, 12 year old me said, pointing at a dull white & green book with a quill and an ink pot on the cover. “I want that one”.

The family and me were at a corner bookstore picking up some books, a tradition on our vacations.  And this was officially the first time I remember ever being asked, if I wanted to buy anything.

It looked pretty harmless at just over 400 pages long, just the right challenge. And as is the norm with me taking up any challenge, the book remained in the home library neatly pressed between a Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham for the next four years.

When i finally decided to give it a go, i was not that impressed, as this wasn’t some fiction about chicken soup as i had previously imagined. It was a collection of stories “to rekindle the spirit of writers”. I read the Acknowledgements and the Introduction and stuffed it right back where it came from.

I’d have to presume that Sheldon and Grisham must have consoled this book or else it wouldn’t have survived the neglect. I did keep coming back to look at it once in a while, it was a book of stories written by authors for other authors to keep them inspired, i figured i’d need it someday.

When i left for college, this was one of the books that came along with me. Sheldon and Grisham remained behind. It was neglected all throughout the 6 years of my college and some more. I would regularly clear out old stuff , but this one remained.

It would be by my bed while i slept, and in my bag when i traveled. It has been my silent partner for over a decade. Waiting i guess for when I’d listen to its stories, talk to it with side notes, scribbles and underlines. A lot of other books have come and gone, I’ve read them, burned them, traded them & sold them. This one was special, this one remained.

I finally came home and brought it back to the book shelf. Sheldon and Grisham were still around. And then decided it was time to start listening to what it had to tell me.

I’ve started with the first section “How I Became a Writer”, almost 14 years since I bought it at the corner book store. Shouldn’t be long before I’m done.