Holy f***! I was hoping the title would add to the total word count. Sigh. I’ve been putting off writing in general for a very very long time. Fear of failure ? Laziness? I’ve over analyzed enough, to no avail.

The best way forward, as we all know, is to just push on in times of doubt. “Till till the land is tilled” (Yes that sentence makes sense).

I am to write 200 words a day, everyday from when this post is published. That is what i should hold myself accountable to. For now there aren’t any rules apart from just showing up and doing it. Maybe I’ll have to make some up as I go.

I recently read (probably on a Facebook meme or something), Everyone is talented, few are disciplined …

I just googled it (L33t google skills yo), “Everyone is creative Everyone is talented Few are disciplined” Brendon Burchard.

Wow, would have been nice if ended it with that quote, but i have to stick to the 200 word minimum. This is where you end up kids if you don’t take your shiznit seriously. typing garbage till you hit 200 words. Man 200 words really feels like a hard target to..reach he he


This post is part of the 200 word challenge.

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