If I had installed a dash cam 8 years ago when i started riding bikes and driving cars and just recorded everything, I’d either be in jail or murdered by now.

I’ve been flashed at, honked at, given the finger, yelled at, cut off, did i mention the finger ? Just road rage at its worst. Not saying I’m Saint Paul, I’ve done all of the above too, but it always felt like i was in the right (so said Hitler too).

When i first got my licence. Riding around town i was hoping people would high five me on my achievement. They didn’t. Well spare a nod at least for my exceptional bike riding skills and turn signal usage.. No? Okay then. So it began. Expecting people to be nice on the road led to nothing but disappointment which later turned into anger. Why be nice when no one else is.

When i moved to driving cars this escalated. Two years on since starting to drive a car, road rage incidents I’ve been part of have gone nowhere but up. Just today a guy cut me off and then we proceeded to enact our favorite car chase from a Michael Bay movie and then ended on a high note by “exchanging pleasantries” at the signal.

Things could have gone south, i could have died or been responsible for someone’s death.

If you’re reading this, guy in that car, sorry man.

“Suffering exists because of unfulfilled expectations” Buddha (i think)

I’m not perfect, but its time to stop expecting people to be nice on the road, or go Mad Max on them when they don’t. I like to live to see Mad Max 6 (the re-reboot). Next time I’ll just let them pass.



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