Tom lived on a farm in the hillside town of Faux. He was a normal kid who liked climbing trees and riding his bicycle around town. He was afraid of the dark like kids his age & he liked to pretend play.

Tom’s dad worked on the farm when he went to school. His mother made lunch, dinner and fed the horses hay all day

Tom had two good friends at school, Jim and Sam. They played pirates & monsters, cops and robbers. There was never a dull moment to say.

Jim and Sam looked quite the same, wore the same clothes, and even had the same red bikes. But were they brothers Tom asked? And they both said nay.

They went swimming by the lake and fishing too, but Tom always had to get home before dark. Jim and Sam they played there till late, because home was nearby they said, Though Tom never asked where they stayed.

One evening after school, they invited Tom home to play. Come home they said it’s nearby, but Tom he was worried about dinner getting cold and hurried home before it was too late.

They asked again the very next day, a bit insistent this time. Said there were more friends to be made near home, just beyond the woods by the Lake. But Tom didn’t want to miss Shepard’s pie his mom had made, said tomorrow and then made haste.

That night at dinner Tom’s father said they had to leave for the city far far away, for a new job and a house to stay. All our bags are packed he said, they would leave early the very next day. But Tom wanted to bid last goodbyes to his friends before he went far far away. Father refused to let him out, said it’s too late for kids to play. He had to go to town he said, to get supplies for the journey next day.

Tom had an uneasy nap, and woke up late at night when father opened the gate. He went to look and saw him carry a big red box and load it into the trunk.

On the road next day, Tom’s mom handed him lunch, a meat sandwich as she always does. This one is veal, just the way you like she said to father and handed him one as well. We have enough to tide us through and this time with no trouble too, he said.

No one played at the Faux Lake again, after the two boys disappeared. Stay away from the lake they said, it’s no place for kids to play.


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