Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt’s : Futures Past

I was about to write about ‘pivoting’ today, then dropped the idea. Then i stumbled onto a writing prompt about how visions for our future have changed since we were children, if at all. And how far away from that vision we really were. This was a sign from the Seshat herself. So i ‘pivoted’.

Pivoting in business is best described as a radical re-imagination of a company as a whole. When something isn’t working and a company decides to do change tracks and go in another direction. Just like companies, people pivot in their lives too.

When i was a kid, I wanted to be a thief. I liked knives, guns and things that weren’t mine. I soon realized that wasn’t a very respectable career option. But when you really think about it, did i change my opinion because it was not respectable or was it because i was lazy. Maybe external influences or lack of them pushed me in another direction.

Ever since I’ve wanted to become a pilot,hacker, writer, photographer, millionaire, scientist (later found out I just wanted a lab coat) and a few others. Am i any of those things now? No. But I am only as far away from becoming either of those things as my mind believes it to be.

I used to think it was a straight path to wherever you wanted to go in life. Used to think i had it figured out, until i realized i had built a wall around my brain and i couldn’t see past it. Its scary to pivot in real life. Things don’t always go to plan. But scarier things happen when you know you have to and don’t. Things like regret. You don’t want to mess with regret…at all.


This post is part of the 200 word challenge.

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