Well this is just convenient, when lost for ideas to write about, go to Daily Prompts and boom! new post idea !. I’m supposed to look back at the very first post on this blog and rewrite that one. Here is the original from back in October 2007, if you can handle some cringe worthy material. Lets not goto the spelling & grammar errors, and the SMS lingo.

Some context: It was 2007, before I joined Facebook, I had something of a social life then (outside of the Internet).

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by ! Welcome to Willy’s Weblog (Yes I’m aware what “willy” is slang for, but remember they also named a movie “Free Willy”).

This is my second attempt at blogging, I didn’t quite like the setup @Blogger.com. Thought I’d start off with why I made this, and why I’m “blogging”.

With Facebook and other social media platforms, all of us are writers today, we write short and long form articles on the daily. We can write a poem in a comment to something, Craft a story with friends while chatting and even post a long status about something we feel strongly about. But I don’t believe that’ll help us if we want to practice the “art of writing”. Too many distractions. Just like we would log entries for an experiment in one particular log book or diary, I think we need to record everything we write in one place. Thats just me. Maybe I’m wrong.

So that is what this is. That place to record my ‘art” form.

I guess criticism is another reason. We all need some form of feedback on our work. Or else we won’t know how to get better. When publishing our work in a forum for people to read and critic, we are opening ourselves up for criticism, compliments and sometimes ridicule. Only when we learn how to take them positively can we really move forward!

I’d like to thank YOU! If you are reading this, you’ve given me great joy and comfort on this journey I’ve been making. Thank you for taking the time out for letting me know how I’ve been doing.

There really is no excuse today for not working on something you love. Be it learning a new language, or mastering cooking we have all the resources literally at our fingertips. To quote a friend quoting a friend , “When lacking motivation in doing something that is worth the effort, just think, you are CHEATING yourself by not doing it”.

Alright that about wraps it up. Hi Mom & Dad (waves excitedly)!! Peace out.


Fun fact! : Although I didn’t know when I started writing this, this is actually the 50th post I’ve written here. And the only other time I’ve written 7+ posts a month after October 2007 (when I started) is Jan 2016 i.e. now.

Also I just dug around and found the first blog at Blogger : http://anandw.blogspot.ae/ .The Truth is Out There indeed

This post is part of the 200 word challenge.

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