Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt’s Prompt : Roaring Laughter

There were many times over the years I’ve laughed so hard that I cried. A few of those times I was high, a few other times was just after lunch/dinner with friends (not sure if the meals were drugged). But the most I’ve laughed at over something recently was when I watched the movie 22 Jump Street, sequel to 21 Jump Street and remake of the TV show with the same name.

What made the first part, 21 Jump Street, so popular was the chemistry, brotherhood & comedic timing of the lead actors that came across too genuine to be called ‘acting’. Every scene was hilarious. So much so that whenever they came on screen, you were already bracing yourself for the impending laugh-a-thon.

I believe it was Channing Tatum’s first comedic role, and first time paired with Jonah Hill an established comedian/actor. And watching that movie now you’d never think it was his first time at comedy, it looked natural or maybe Jonah brought it out of him.

Their gimmick was that they knew exactly what the audience was thinking and expected from the story, so instead of just playing out a predictable plot, they played out the plot while making fun of it themselves, before we had a chance to critic. Yes, it is an age old technique that works well in comedy. But the fresh take on it is what worked for these movies.

When the sequel released, I had no hopes of it, because it looked like they had already run out of jokes and the sequel wouldn’t have anything new to offer. I wasn’t wrong, they managed to pull off the same gimmick, of making fun of themselves, making a sequel with the exact same plot. But it worked and turned out even funnier than the original.

There isn’t one scene you can pick from either of the two movies that are funnier than the rest, because every bit of them was funny. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check them both out.

They have 23 Jump Street planned. Count me in.


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