My first name is “Anand”, which though is a very Indian name, isn’t very common (Or rather I’d like to think it isn’t). There has always been that one other ‘Anand’ guy wherever I’ve lived, worked or played. But obviously we both got along, because ‘Anand’ literally means happiness.

My parents have a funny story about how they came up with my name. Where I was born you are supposed to hand in the name of the newborn at birth or within a day at most. So the story goes, my dad was watching a Bollywood movie at home when my mom called him from the hospital, the day after I was born. And dad under pressure to name me read the first name that jumped at him from the credit sequence in that movie, Anand Bakshi. And so I became Anand. Seems something I would do in that situation. Put off something till the very second you need to it, and then just do it. Now I know where i get it from.

Anand Bakshi was a legendary poet and lyricist for Indian movies. So I guess it wasn’t a bad choice.

When you think about it, one moment I had no name, and the next moment on I was Anand.

How my dad got his name is a funnier story (which he reminds us of on the regular). His parents named him ‘Vincent Nellissery’, and send him off to school. At school the teacher noticed there were two boys who had the same first and last names, ‘Vincent Nellissery’. So she renamed my dad ‘Wilson’ and asked my grandparents to just go with it. Both the boys were friends, and remain so to some extent till date. They built houses in line next to the other, and the postmen mix up the letters because lo and behold both the houses have the same name “Nellissery House”. Maybe the teacher had foresight after all.

The name Anand Wilson, is special (to me at least) because it has both ancient Indian and English origins. Anand derived from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and Wilson from Germanic origins (English, German, Iceland, Norway etc). To my credit I have searched far and wide for other Anand Wilsons in the world (on Facebook), and can confirm all of them are awesome. One is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter, one a freestyle biker, some into science and research and many others waiting to find out how awesome their name really is.

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