Got to stay awake tonight,

graveyard shifts got me feeling half baked and light.

Its been a while & it don’t feel alright,

alone in this room all night.

So many things I’d rather do,

and places I’d rather go.

Swim with the fish, sing songs with the birds,

bake cakes and make great milk shakes.

But a few more days and this will turn,

the new norm, another home.

Until they send another list,

that decides my next fate.

I forged this cage for myself,

a piece of art, that I can’t debate.

Freedom I think is an illusion of sorts,

“Back to work!” my mind retorts.

I’ll suspend now in mild disbelief,

at this life now that I see as relief.

Trust myself to stay awake,

until the dawn, when I get to sleep.

This post is NOT part of the 200 word challenge.

I missed a few days, alright.. almost a month.