I imagine things would be a lot easier if civilization as we know it, just ended. Not that everyone dies, but the current ‘modern society’ gives way to a anarchic one with lesser number of people.

Maybe that is why I’m a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction ( zombies, asteroids, AI etc). Not just me, there is massive demand for post-apoc stories, Walking Dead? Day after tomorrow? The Matrix?. Its easy to see why people would like the post-apoc world, because life would be a lot easier, or simpler rather.

Let me walk you through life today for most people…

Get up, get ready for work, worry about breakfast, forget about breakfast, worry about traffic, sit in traffic worrying about work, get to work, worry about boss/work, remember you forgot to drop kids off at school, Lunch, worry about traffic, sit in traffic, wait at the supermarket checkout line, get home, dinner, sleep, repeat until weekend.

Now imagine life post the apocalypse…

Get up, no wait there is no need to get up today, get up anyway, have some water, have breakfast, go explore the now abandoned Air-force base, play with all the guns and jets, lunch, find a friend, have some more food, go explore some place else, plan that cross country trip with friend, refuse to tell your friend where you live and how much food you have and if you have any other friends, worry about friend being a psychopath, refuse to spend the night at new friend’s ‘house’, walk back to your house in darkness, because light attracts wild animals, look over your shoulder to see if new friend is following you home, half sleep/wake through the night in case new friend/wild animal attacks.

Nope! I was wrong. We’re f**ked either way.