Sometimes you stumble onto a movie or book, something you’re sure you’ll love, but then you decide to put it off for whatever reason. And a few years later stumble onto it again, but this time you decide to give it a go and sure enough, you end up loving it.

This happened today. I sure wasn’t ready the last time and the wait turned out to be good, ended up appreciating it better. Lesson learned today was to trust my instincts. Also that watching movies and reading books isn’t a waste of time. Reading and watching all the garbage that comes your way certainly is. As the age old saying goes, “Books (movies too) and friends should be few and good”.

The term “Good” here is subjective i know, but we all have an idea of what is good for us and whats not. Good friends though is an entirely different subject, we’ll leave that for another day.

Good movies and books leave us inspired. How they affect each of us or rather how we choose to be affected by them is up to us