He was sitting comfortably in the armchair looking out the twin windows, at the world outside. The loud chime of the clock brought him back to the room.

“Another year past” he said looking at the clock with a sad smile.

“Any day now” the little voice whispered

Whenever the little voice spoke it was always soft & comforting unlike the people outside the windows, with their loud voices and bright colors. He liked the silence.

He had tried leaving the house once or twice over the years, but even the effort of getting off the chair had proved taxing. So he chose to sit there, watching from the inside. He knew when the time came; he would be ready to go outside. The voice had told him so. It had asked him to wait until it was the right time. And so he waited and waited for the little voice to tell him when it was that the time turned ‘right’.

This post is NOT part of the 200 word challenge.

I missed a few words & months.

Also happy 9 year anniversary to the blog